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Initial images from Seestar S50
Scott McDermott

I hope this is okay. I'm in a very dark sky site outside of Death Valley. I'm still learning this telescope but I'm getting some great pictures. Enjoy!

Scott McDermott

Hartley's Comet (103P)

Scott McDermott

Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635)

Scott McDermott

Phantom Galaxy (M 74)

Jeff Best

Hi Scott, Looks like you sorted out how to post images.

I've been seeing some pretty amazing images from this low cost scope/camera. I ordered one back in October and probably made the mistake of ordering it directly from ZWO. Thought it would be faster that way but doesn't look like it from what I'm seeing in Face Book Forums. Should have ordered it from High Point Scientific as I have bought from them in the past.

I think this will be a great scope for outreach which is my main reason for buying it but the wide field it provide should be fun too.

Blaise Serpas

I received mine just in time for 5 days of rain and clouds. Looks like the sky will clear up perfectly aligned with my night shift :) Maybe I will get a chance to grab some photons at 4:30 until the sun comes up.

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