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A Total Eclipse Accessory that is most "Illum...
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The ANJANK CT009 Timer

Actually more than a timer. This relatively small (6.75” long by 2.25” tall by 1” in depth) rubber shielded device can do a lot of things. I was searching for a display timer to help me be aware of remaining totality time during the upcoming total solar eclipse. I don’t want to cover up my optics too soon or too late. This device will do that well.

For many people it is designed to be a work-out timer with various modes and alarms, not so much my use but the stopwatch function will serve my purpose. I can start it at the beginning of totality which for me should last 3 minutes and 52 seconds. The display is red LED for seconds and fractions of seconds and blue LED for minutes (up to 90 minutes I believe). The display can be dimmed, there are 4 brightness settings. The picture should is on the brightest.

At it’s size it can be perched on most eyepiece trays for easy viewing. It also has an internal magnet which will allow it to be affixed to an appropriate metal (adheres fine to a Takahashi metal eyepiece tray). It also has a remote for the various modes and an internal battery with charger. At full charge the battery is good for 40 hours.

For more information see:

I had mine delivered two days after I ordered it. It more than meets my expectations. Cost was under $40.00.

Barry Simon

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