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Comet ZTF
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There was a question at last night's meeting (from who, I can't remember) if Comet ZTF was visible from North Kenner. Well, I live there and I can say yes it's visible. Not naked eye, but easily in a small scope.

Despite the close to Full Moon last night, conditions were really good. Transparency was excellent and, at least for my little 60mm scope, so was the seeing.

About 9:30, after taking a look at SkySafari, finding out where the comet was, I pointed to the area with a low power EP (4°+). Within a minute or so, I had the comet. It wasn't much, just an elongated smudge of dimness, but there she was. If you were to add just three things, I bet it would have looked a lot better: no Moon, dark skies and some aperture! Still it was neat to be able to see the Ort cloud member.

After the comet, I looked around at a bunch of known items, mainly open clusters. I was surprised how well the little 60 was performing. It didn't seem like the Moon was a factor at all (probably the great transparency). Still, I was in Kenner and there are limitations. Only thing I had to do was to over mount the scope, it was very windy. But with the mount, I had steady views.

Enough of my ramblings - everyone go see the comet!

Clear Skies,


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