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The 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage is now histor...
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........and historic. For one we had observing hours on all 4 nights of the star gaze. Everyone who attended was able to get some hours in under the stars. Regarding attendance we had a record attendance for a Spring Scrimmage with 30 attendees. We had 2 attendees, Bryan Shirkey from Huntsville and Greg Thompson from Mobile who came in early (on Monday). They headed up the Alabama contingent. Alabama was well represented with a total of 11 attendees. Greg and Bryan were also responsible for constructing our new portable power tree placed on the Arena Field. Thanks guys for all your contributions!

As I said our weather was good. Warm days and cool nights with some very pleasant weather in the morning and the late afternoons. We were able to see the close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on a morning or two and on Saturday morning we were able to view the pair close together courtesy of John Miele and his driven dobsonian telescope. Quite impressive as they were found in full daylight by John. Several got to see this.

While the numbers for the Spring Scrimmage do not compare to what we get in the fall for the DSSG, a registration of 30 is enough to give the Spring Scrimmage more of a fall Deep South Star Gaze feel. Our host, Carol Nicaud, was gracious and accommodating as always. As they say, a good time was had by all.

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