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Spring Scrimmage Forecast - In a word: Good!
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Yes, it is looking good! Mostly clear skies, and on some days, totally clear. Daytime temperatures will be in the mid 80's and night-time temperatures will be in the mid 50's to mid-60's (but probably in the mid-60's to low 70's before midnight). So come prepared - sunscreen, a cap/hat of some kind, etc., etc. For those that have attended before, you know the drill.

For first timers please read all about the Spring Scrimmage at our Message Board at:

You should find answers to virtually all of your questions. Additionally I will have an overview with pictures at the Friday night (4/22/22) PAS meeting at UNO. At the message board you will find a lot about the proper use of light at night. What is allowed and what is not. Basically no white light, either via opening car doors, trunk lids, etc. Even red shielded flashlights which are ok should be pointed downward (or off) whenever possible and if your red light is too bright we will let you know and you should take steps to dim it. Use of around the head headlamps should not be used as when you are walking around those lights are pointed straight out and invariably right at someone. Additionally while green lasers either hand held or mounted on a telescope as a finder may be ok for city use where it never really gets that dark anyway are a no-no at star parties held in dark country locations. No exceptions. Note - this does not apply to red-dot finders, those are fine. Computer/laptop screens should be put in red illumination mode and if that is not available the screen should have a red plastic overlay put on it. Computers should also be housed inside a shielded canopy (there are ones specific for laptops, basically small tents that will sit on your work table)

Questions - please ask. Note - there is a Super Wal-Mart about 17 miles away in Columbia, MS.


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