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The Deep South Spring Scrimmage is now less than 3...
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The Deep South Spring Scrimmage is less than 3 weeks away and starts 4-27-22

The registration form is now available. Note - there is no registration fee for the Spring Scrimmage (but you do have to register, there is just no fee). Your only costs are for lodging (if you want that) or day use fees if not staying on site overnight.

Note - The basic form does include the Liability Waiver. There is new wording, basically adding the wording about the prohibition of open carry or concealed carry of firearms while on site in compliance with Mississippi state laws when a private landowner wishes to prohibit open carry or conceal carry (and the Deep South Star Gaze absolutely prohibits open carry and concealed carry too). You can have your firearm in your vehicle if you feel that is necessary, but it should not be displayed or carried outside of your vehicle. This has been discussed to death and more about this is now also discussed on the attached Rules and Regulations. Signage will be displayed on site.

Vaccine (COVID) documentation is not necessary. Honor system only. Vaccination status will be used in making bunk assignments for those that need that. It is your choice to either be vaccinated or to remain unvaccinated.

See: for the necessary registration forms.

Questions? Please ask in this thread.

Note - there is at least one that disagrees with the gun policy (prohibition of open or concealed carry at DSSG events). As said previously it has been discussed to death and voted on by the Deep South Advisory Board. The Liability Waiver has been formulated for the greater good of the large majority of attendees. Anyone in disagreement should not register or sign the liability waiver, and thus, not attend. If questioned about this at a PAS club meeting when I am giving a presentation on any topic and especially the Deep South Star Gaze and Spring Scrimmage, we have nothing more to say on this issue.

Barry Simon, Director

Deep South Star Gaze/Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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