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Missed Last Night's Meeting
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Thanks, Jeff.

I guess if you are going to miss a meeting, that wasn't a bad one to miss.

I feel less guilty now! :)

Hi John,

I think we did have something recorded but its probably not worth watching.

We had a very difficult evening at UNO for June's meeting. The Science building was running on generator for some reason but there wasn't any power in either of the classrooms we normally use. We eventually found a room with power but then just struggled with connections. No guest speaker was planned for this meeting but we did have a video to share; however, couldn't get it to run properly. Hopefully we won't have the perfect storm in July.


I was unable to come to last night's meeting or attend the Zoom. By any chance was it recorded and available for download or replay?

I promise I'll make next month's meeting - at least virtually!

Clear Skies,


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